How to Improve Your Basketball Skills

This is a very interesting topic because there are many conflicting points of view. On one hand, athletes have always been told to practise practice to get better. Hours and hours of drills. Blood, sweat, and tears are the way to become a better player. However, if your skills are great but you can’t play because you have a torn ACL, how good of an athlete are you? How good would your car run if all you did was wash and wax the exterior and neglected the engine? Well in basketball, the engine you need to take care of is your body. If the body is not prepared to handle the rigours it will face, it will break down. Once that happens, no matter how good your actual skills are, it won’t matter. So, in my opinion, becoming a better overall athlete is hands down the most important aspect in improving your basketball skills. While there is not a generic program that fits all athletes, there needs to be a balanced program that focuses on relative body strength (how strong you are for your body weight), speed, agility, and quickness.

Some athletes ignore their weaknesses and work only on their strengths. People, including myself, do not like to practice things they are not good at. It’s human nature to want to spend time on something you are good at. It makes you feel good and gives you more self-confidence. Now, if you neglect your weaknesses, as Magic Johnson said: ” your opponents will find your weaknesses quickly and exploit them”. So instead of trying to hide them, work on them and focus on having them become strengths. For most basketball players, their less dominant hand is a major weakness. Would it make sense to work on it ALL THE TIME so you give yourself more options? Of course. Well like I said, most people don’t want to practice what they are not good at.

Next, we have the athlete that only works on their weaknesses. This seems like a good idea except for the fact that if you don’t use it, you lose it. This is especially true in basketball were having a plethora of options both offensively and defensively make you much more dangerous to your opponent and invaluable to your team. The only way your weaknesses can improve is if you are still considered a threat to your strengths. So don’t over train your weaknesses by ignoring your strengths.

Then you have my favourite. The 1/2 speeders. They are the ones that ” go through the motions”. ” Practice? We talking about practice? ” Remember that quote from Allen Iverson? How hard do you think Allen Iverson practised? He was a very good player but did he reach his full potential? I don’t think he did. I believe that he sold himself short. His natural talent was probably ranked as high on the list as anyone who ever played the game, but his work ethic off the court was what kept him from being a champion. You play the game how you practice the game. Case in point is Michael Jordan. Michael never just went through the motions. He treated every practice as if it were game 7 of the NBA finals. He never took a playoff and that is why he never had to turn on the infamous “switch” you hear about. Do you see a difference between Michael and Iverson? Iverson, 0 titles. Jordan, 6 titles. Any questions?

I hope this article helped explain what it takes to improve your skills for basketball. I could have written page after page describing drills for you to do, but I think that to learn physical skills, you need to be physically taught. I would suggest seeking out and working with a qualified coach who is on the same page as you are in your quest for improvement.

6 Reasons Why Some Folks Have More Followers On Instagram Than You

You can’t ignore the power of Instagram. It’s a social media giant and a fantastic place for businesses and brands to connect with their followers and maximize sales.

But for every person or business that has a big, receptive following seguidores no instagram, there are thousands more that don’t. Instagram can be powerful, but you have to be smart about how you use it.

1. Share Eye-Catching Images

Instagram is a photo-sharing site. So, above all else, you want more followers on Instagram to invest some time ensuring that your pictures are really good. Also post interesting content, as well as photos that are well-composed and eye-catching.

2. Like Photos

Don’t forget, Instagram is a social network so it’s important to interact with others. To get more Instagram followers to start by liking plenty of pictures in your market to get people interested in following you. Leaving comments also helps. But ensure that they’re genuine and not spammy! And don’t forget to follow accounts you like, too!

3. Time Your Pictures Right

Research shows that the best time to post on Instagram is at 5 pm on Wednesdays. This may or may not be correct for your page. Based upon on your niche, the demographics of your followers and other things specific to your niche and content, Wednesday might or might not be a good day for you. Finding the best time to post for your audience takes time to learn so track the likes and comments on each photo, and start looking for any trends occurring different times of the day.

4. Use Hashtags

Using the right hashtags can help you to gain followers on Instagram. Many people search out certain hashtags, and your images have that hashtag, it will be there waiting for them. Hashtags can help your content reach a broad range of people that may have nothing to do with your account, in other words, they don’t follow you specifically. By simply using some hashtags, you can increase your content’s reach significantly.

5. Host A Contest

Post an amusing or fascinating photo to your account and offer a prize to a follower who comes up with the best caption. Use apps like Heyo, WishPond and AgoraPulse to run your contest.

6. Link To Other Social Networks

If you have followers on other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, invite those people to follow you on Instagram. Make it easy for people to connect with you in multiple places.

Instagram has over 700 million active monthly users and its popularity continues to rocket as the cameras in smartphones become better at taking high-quality pics and videos.

Lasik Eye Surgery, An Explanation

Lasik eye surgery has had an explosion of growth. Hundreds of thousands of people are turning to it for their eye surgery needs. But, what is it and, is it truly safe? This popular type of surgery is relatively new. But, it is quite successful. Here, we will tell you what Lasik is and what you need to do to choose the proper facility to have it done. Although it may seem like common sense, you must ensure that the Lasik eye surgery you are getting is of high quality and done by seasoned professionals. Nevertheless, here is some helpful information to consider.

* Lasik eye surgery or Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis as it is professionally called, is a procedure that is quite similar to refractive laser eye surgery. It is used to correct the vision of a person’s eye to allow them to see better without the use of glasses or other corrective devices. You can see why, from this small point, Lasik eye surgery is so alluring. While not all cases will completely “fix” the eye’s vision, they can substantially improve it in many cases. Certain diseases and eyesight problems will not be fixed, though.

* One big benefit to having Lasik eye surgery visita cataratta padova is the fact that it offers very minimal pain (most of the time no pain is felt!) and it requires much less recovery time. That is in comparison to photorefractive keratectomy, another method of eye surgery.

*The surgery was developed in 1990, not all that long ago! The doctor was Dr Lucio Buratto, an Italian. He was aided by Dr Ionnis Pallikaris, a Greek. They created the surgery based on two other eye surgery procedures. These are keratomileusis and photorefractive keratectomy. But, in these surgical experiences, there were more occurrences of complications and less than perfect results. Therefore, when Lasik surgery came along and offered a new way with fewer risks to improve eyesight, it simply took off. The first time that Lasik was used was in 1991. The two times it occurred that year, Dr Stephen Slade was the one to do so. And, he performed them in Europe and later in the United States.

The procedure will go somewhat like this:

First, you will have a prescreening in which the doctor will do a procedure to map the cornea. This procedure will give the doctor a clear look into your eyes and tell him just what needs to be done.

He may give you an antibiotic to take before surgery to help prevent infections.

When the Lasik eye surgery is to take place, you will be fully awake during it. But, you will not feel anything. You may be given a mild sedative or anaesthetic eye drops, but you will still be awake during it. Through a process of cuts with the laser, the cornea will be reshaped to correct your eyesight. Most of the work is guided by computers to aid in precision.

When the procedure is complete, you will be able to see better, as long as it has been successful. You may be asked to take it easy for a few days, to allow for the cornea to heal properly. It is wise to follow your doctor’s directions to the letter to avoid possible problems down the road.

As for choosing the right doctors for the job, consider your choices closely. Anyone interested in Lasik eye surgery will need to weigh their options wisely. Realizing that it is a major surgery in which there are complications at times is the first step. Make sure that the doctor performing the surgery is licensed and has a good track record as well. You need to be aware of what the procedure is, how it will be performed and how you will recover. Ask questions about all aspects until you fully understand what is going to happen. This is very important as it will help to make you feel more comfortable with your doctor and will reassure you of what is happening.

Make sure that your Lasik eye surgeon tells you what your outcome is likely to be. For example, if the doctor does not believe it will give you much-added sight, then perhaps it is not the correct eye surgery for you. And, you do not want to be misled if your eyes will not be 100% better either.

Having the facts about Lasik eye surgery will help you to better understand what it is and how it will affect you. It is through this procedure that many people, around the world, are gaining back some of their eye sights. Will it work for you? To know for sure, you need to talk to your current eye doctor and see if he or she can give you any recommendations. Lasik eye surgery is a huge benefit to those that it is right for. It can give you back something you never thought you would get back, your eyesight.

Most Effective Horse Betting Tips You Should Know

Have you been fascinated with watching horse racing lately? Did you try to bet on who is going to win the race? It was really fun, right? Nowadays, a lot of people are becoming engrossed with horse betting ยูฟ่าเบท. They can not seem to get away with the feeling of winning.

If you happen to be one of them, then this article is perfect for you. Here are some great horse betting tips เล่นสล็อตบนมือถือ that will surely make you an instant millionaire.

Horse betting is just like any other type of sports betting เว็บบอล that will either let you win or lose if you do not know the basics. According to experts, you must learn to be disciplined. This advice may seem to be strange, but this has been proven and tested as the best strategy.

Like the typical scene in any game, those who are a threat to someone must be eliminated. Things will not go always on your way. Thus, in the case where you are beginning to fall behind or if you are starting to be unlucky with your choices, then never take the risk of wild betting. Do not attempt to change your strategy. Be firm to your tactic and stay focus on the game. Rookies of these games are the ones guilty in doing wild bets whenever they think losing has been with them throughout the game. And what do they get? They end up worse than they can ever imagine.

One concrete example of being undisciplined in horse betting is playing too many tracks. Well, this can be effective at times but it does not guarantee you to double your earnings at all times. Come to think of it, if you choose to play on several tracks you are only wasting a big amount of money if luck is not on the side of all the horse tracks that you played. You will surely end up broke going home. However, if you believe that playing on various tracks works best for you, make sure that your horse betting bankroll is fully loaded to compensate whatever losses that you might be incurred in case you do not win.

One of the usual tips that experts emphasize is to identify the value of every track. Normally, if you are still a novice in horse betting, you tend to cast your bets on famous ones expecting that it will be a sure win for you. Well, that is not true! You can not assume that those famous names win the game at all times. This horse betting tactic will do no good to you. Usually, those horses that are disregarded or overlooked are the ones bringing home the bacon. Try to consider looking at pick threes, pick fours or even the pick-sixes you will see that most of the real values of the tracks come from their categories. Do not underestimate the ability of the rare contenders since they garner most of the victories at the end of the game.

Now that you already learned the best horse betting tips, you can play wisely and apply the strategies mentioned above. Just do not forget to control yourself whenever you feel that it is not your day-be disciplined!

Does a Loft Conversion Necessitate a Planning Permission?

This is a question that most property holders ask themselves when they decide to convert or extend their existing loft area. While planning permission is not required for most Loft conversions London, a decision not to obtain permission in obligatory cases could be extremely pricey, particularly if the conversion of your attic involves major modification of the roof space. Here is a precise and handy guide to give you an idea about whether or not planning permission is required for your loft conversion.

If your intended loft conversion abides by the following conditions set by the building authority, it is not mandatory to obtain planning permission.

There is no change in the height of the roof after conversion.

Conversion is devoid of any alteration of the roof.

If your loft is not a segment of a flat or an apartment.

Conversion does not include extensions or additions beyond the existing roof slope’s plain.

The loft is not housed within a property on designated land, such as conservation areas, heritage sights or national parks.

The extension of roof space is within the permissible volumes:

40 cubic meters in the case of terraced houses.

50 cubic meters in the case of detached and semi-detached houses
Materials used for the attic conversion is in sync with other parts of the building.

Any of the segments of conversion is not higher than the existing roof’s uppermost portion.

No terrace, balcony or an elevated platform within the house is chosen for conversion.

Unless otherwise, the side-facing window is 1.7 meters above the converted room’s ground level, it should be non-opening and obscure-glazed.

Conversion does not affect the existence of protected species like bats

However, the procurement of planning permission becomes indispensable when your loft conversion demands extensive alteration of the roof space. Take, for instance, the case of a dormer conversion, wherein the conversion is done with the installation of a dormer window that projects out from the roof. Another type of loft conversion that entails a permit is Hip to Gable, as it is all about swapping the existing sloping roof with a flat gable wall. Mansard conversions also need a permit primarily due to the complicated roof procedures that form part of its extension.

Precisely, the scope and nature of your loft conversion will usually determine whether you need to obtain planning permission. So make sure that you’re well informed about the Building Control Laws before you do anything. A knowledgeable loft conversion specialist can also guide you through the confusion of obtaining a permit for loft extension or conversion in your area.

Marken Builders, based in Chingford, is accredited by the Federation of Master Builders. Marken Builders is a one-stop solution for your Walthamstow loft conversion and Leyton loft conversion and extension needs.

Television on the Go

When I was growing up, the biggest thing in television was the ability to watch 12 channels and occasionally the free preview of HBO. With the advent of mobile computers, cell phones, high-speed internet access and a new product from Sling Media Inc., we can watch our 600 plus home television channels from anywhere in the world. This new device is called the Slingbox, costing about $250.00, allows TV viewers to stream video from any source: DVD, TIVO, Cable, VHS, or Satellite to any computer, laptop, cell phone or PDA using the Slingbox software and a broadband connection.

The Slingbox is a device measuring 10.6 by 4 inches that more resembles a big piece of chocolate than a state of the art video streaming adapter. It will connect to almost any video player using coaxial, S-video and or composite RCA video inputs and it can work with over 5,000 different cable and satellite boxes.

The Slingbox will support three different video devices, however, the S-Video and composite RCA video must share the same audio input. For example, you can connect your cable satellite box and your DVD player so you can watch video from either source. If you have a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) you can even control it remotely to stop and start recording. The next connection is to your home network.

The device requires at least 256Kbps upstream speed, however, the faster the better. Most homes do not have an Ethernet connection in the living room next to the television. Slingmedia has the solution. For a hundred dollars you can purchase a pair of the Slinglink adapters. These adapters turn your homes’ electrical wiring into an extension of your network. Plug one in the back the Slingbox’s RJ-45 connection then plug it in the electrical wall outlet. Plug the other adapter into a wall outlet next to your broadband router, then plug it into the router and presto, your Slingbox is connected to the internet.

Once the Slingbox is connected to your video source and the internet, you are now ready to set up your desktop PC, Laptop, PDA or smartphone. Only one user can connect and watch the streaming video at a time, however, you can download the Slingplayer software for free on as many PCs as you desire. SlingPlayer Mobile, software needed for PDAs and smartphones, is available for users to download as a beta version. If the SlingBox is purchased before 26 April 2006, users will be able to register it for free, after this date, there will be a $29.99 charge. Mobile users can watch TV using your WiFi anywhere they have a network connection using their smartphone and high-speed cellular services such as WiFi.

How does it work? Let’s review; the SlingBox is connected to your video source(s), the internet, the Slingplayer software is installed and configured on your computer, we can now start watching television anywhere you have a high-speed internet connection. The software continuously monitors your remote network connection and optimizes the video playback to avoid choppiness.

The Slingplayer software has a virtual remote on your computer allowing you to control everything, including turning on a device, changing a channel, to setting up the DVR for recording and playback of your favourite television show. If you don’t like what is on cable TV, the software allows the user to easily switch between the cable receiver, to another device, like a DVD player. Only one person can control the video source at the time. If people are home, they will watch the same video that you will be streaming remotely. Slingbox: Watch and Control your TV…(n.d.)

The retail cost of the Slingbox is around $250.00, with no monthly access charges. Users will have the ability to take their home television programming on the road with them… anywhere. Slingmedia has taken full advantage of users growing desire to watch television, the advent of broadband internet connections and the latest technology in portable computers. This new award-winning gadget defiantly changes the way we watch television.

Tips When Searching For A Chiropractor On The Internet

If you are like the most individuals who are enduring upper back pain, leg pain or are recuperating from an accident. Chances are you need to select a chiropractor that is certified to make the right decisions for treatments.

Sometimes it is very difficult for people to determine the most effective chiropractor to help their condition. Looking at an ad in a newspaper or Yellow Pages will not get you the top chiropractor in your area. Yellow Pages are obsolete in this day and age – no one is using them anymore.

Going on the Internet is the best choice because it has a chiropractic directory so you can find the best local chiropractor’s office in Florida.

Here are some tips to consider while searching for a Chiropractor

Make a list of what type of chiropractor you are looking for or by the type of injury or pain that you are having. You need to take the time to do an adequate search for several doctors before you go in for any consultation.

Obtaining a personal recommendation from an individual you know and trust is the best way of locating a suitable chiropractor who will do a great job for you.

It is most effective to get recommendations from family, co-workers, friends, and even neighbours – talk to them about their experience with that chiropractor. They may have visited a chiropractor themselves too!

Use a local Chiropractor Directory on the Internet

When you do not know any person who has seen a chiropractor – look on the internet

Search for local chiropractic clinics within your local region -by using a chiropractor directory
Do to their web page – have your list ready
Do your research on their website – Are they the type of chiropractor you are looking for?
Check feedback from previous patients – read customer comments and reviews
If for any reason you do not see the type of chiropractor that you are looking for – then just go to the next chiropractor that is next in the local chiropractor directory. When you have chosen chiropractors on the first visit they are likely to ask a couple of questions.

They can range from subjects about any past injuries – this is the need because you want to ensure that they make the correct treatment choice. A good chiropractor will prescribe relaxation strategies, herbal remedies and overall physical exercise to help cure your spinal alignment and pain.

Some chiropractors will use a precision machine that looks like a gun – a common approach that is used. At times a chiropractor’s ability to rid the pain or injured area is questioned – painful symptoms from a person’s age, or an old injury could also be a factor.

There are chances that a chiropractor will make that appear to be painful within the course of the procedure. It is because the chiropractor is working with areas of the physique that got out of alignment.

Re-adjusting the physique to return to a standard wholesome state ordinarily demands direct action for correct healing.

If a chiropractor is wanting you to have any type of surgery – you might want to look elsewhere for another suitable chiropractor to meet your alignment needs. Besides you will discover various kinds of diagnostic machines that several chiropractors use too. Pay particular attention to their treatments for the neck.

How a chiropractor performs adjustments to the neck – could make or break your decision.

The author is a West Palm Beach Chiropractor that likes to stay up to dated on the latest information about local chiropractors. Right about now, we can’t determine if you can find you perfect chiropractor!

So to be certain that we can find a list of all the best chiropractors in the area – you can visit Find A Local Chiropractor.

Forex Secrets – Delusion No1 – Forex Currency Rate And Economic Factors Impact On Exchange Rate

The delusion conceptually propounds that intraweek and intraday FOREX currency quotes movement is governed by either improvement or by the deterioration of the state’s economic situation. But in reality, even in the case, the actual Forex news is superior to the estimated one, the FOREX quotes up/down movement are of 50/50 probability.

This statement is thoroughly important. Once the job of Forex trader is gambling on FOREX exchange rates differential (FOREX pairs up/down movement), the following is to be realized to obtain faultless profit:

FOREX pairs pricing mechanism (say at point X where you are completing the market analysis)
Factors impacting growth/decline to FOREX rates (up/down from point X).
Thus, having understood the FOREX rates factors effective at the extra-exchange (book-maker) FOREX market and the given currency motive factors, a trader must possess distinct knowledge of whether to buy or to sell the given currency pair.

So, what are these factors?

FOREX student suggests an unambiguous interpretation of factors responsible for the price formation and the fluctuations thereof:

Forex rate constitutes a demand-supply balance for a given good (currency).
Any violation of this balance, (for instance, in the case where the estimated news is in disagreement with the issued official one), results in the FOREX rates reciprocation in chase of a new demand-supply balance.

Poor demand brings about a decline in a certain currency rate, with a high demand leading to the growth of the latter. The situation continues as long as the currency buy/sell demand comes to balance at another level or another point.
Referring to B. Williams (“Trading Chaos 2” Chapter 1 “The market is what you are thinking of it”):

Each world market is dedicated to distribute or share a limited amount of something… among those desirous to obtain it most of all. Does the market affect it by way of finding out and identifying the exact price? Underlying the buyer’/sellers’ power absolute equilibrium point.

The above point is readily established by stock, futures, bonds, FOREX and options markets, be it either via an open auction or under a computerized facility. Markets spot this point before any misbalance being detectable by you or by me or even by traders at the exchange floor.

With this scenario holding – and it does – we are in a position to jump at certain simple yet important conclusions as regards the information being circulated through the market and enjoying doubtless acceptance”.

Thomas Demark was more laconic in “Technical analysis – an emerging science”:

“Price movement is governed by demand and supply. Should demand exceed supply, there’s a price rally and if visa versa, there’s a price decline. All economists do share these underlying principles”.

Hence, the role of fundamental analysis for the FOREX market is readily apparent.

In scholar fiction one will discover roughly the following explanation, persistently wandering from book to book, from site to site and suggesting attaining successful trading at FOREX market by way of scrutinizing the country’s economic fundamental data, viz. by tracking the factors reflective of the country’s economic condition as below:

State economy condition dynamics indicators (GDP, trade & payments balance, current account, industrial production, etc. It is knowledge, that the higher the above indicators – the faster the economic and the currency price growth);

Stock indices, via an average arithmetic index of the country’s securities market condition and dynamics. E.g.: 0.3% daily DJI growth in the USA means that this certain day the shares of 30 leading US companies, being pictured by DJU, went 0.3% more expensive. By similarity, DAX30 is the major German index, incorporating the price of shares of the country’s 30 leading companies.

The country’s interest rate, since the higher the rate, the greater number of investors is eager to invest in the country’s economy and hence into national currency strength.

Rate of inflation (the higher the rate, the quicker the National Bank will hike the interest rate). With this assumption, the CPI constitutes a key factor.

Money supply growth in the domestic market, which fact brings about inflation, leading to the interest rate hike.

The country’s gold and currency reserve assets.

Variation dynamics correlation of balances of payment, trade balance, state budget, gross domestic product (GDP), etc.

Trade and industry dynamics (industrial production, industrial orders, DGO, capacity utilization, retail sales, etc.)

Construction statistics (construction spending, new home sales, housing under construction, building permits, etc.)

Labour statistics (unemployment rate, new jobs, etc.)
Society investigations (consumer confidence, consumer sentiment, purchase managers and service managers sentiment, etc.)

To be considered additionally are the country’s political stability and tranquillity (clearly, any political, natural and other cataclysms are sure to turn investors nervous making them withdraw the investments from the country, thus weakening its national currency). And with the currency being the national economy derivative, changes in economic data will inevitably result in the above currency rate movement.

Progress in the economy results in the currency exchange rate rally.

The decrease in economic indicators leads to the national currency rate decline.
To sum it up, critical economic and political news (whose calendar is issued in advance and is familiar to any trader) constitute a standing factor giving rise to misbalance and causing the currency rate fluctuations.

In anticipation of important economic and political news FOREX pair crawl to the rates as inspired by the estimates (“rumoured trade”), whereas upon actual news there occurs a pulse motion of FOREX pairs following the scheme below;

Forex rate grows if actual news is better than the estimated one;
Forex rate declines if actual news is worse than the estimated one.

Do you accept that one can earn money by way of using these basics, known to every trader?

Then why, having absorbed these economic axioms, 90% of Forex traders in the world are losers rather than winners.

Where is the delusion of the above ABC truth, nudging traders towards losses? Let us perform a sort of point-by-point analysis.

Below are some examples:

Fig. 1. GBPUSD chart as of April 1, 2005, after the news, positive for the GBP and negative for the US economy.
See Note below

In March the CIPS manufacturing index amounted to 52.0 (with the previous data revised from 51.8 to 51.6). Oil price in NYC has grown by USD 2.40 up to USD57.70 per bbl (a new record of the latest 21 years). Non-farm payrolls in the USA was minimum since last July (previous data revised towards lower values). There has been a decline in the Michigan sentiment index to 92.6 (median estimate was 92.9, with 92.9 previously).

All the US indices faced a fall down. DJI at NYSE has fallen by 99.46 pips (-0.95%) towards closing at 10404.30. NASDAQ declined by 14.42 pips (-0.72%) to 1984.81. S&P500 slipped by 7.67 pips (-0.65%) to 1172.92. 30-yr US Bonds yielded 4.729 (0.037 lower as compared to the previous close). By contrary, FTSE100 has grown by 19.60 pips (+0.40%) to 4914.00.

Now, the question is to certified economists: what will happen to the GBP to USD within one day or even several hours upon publication of these data? You are right, USD should not simply fall, it should collapse. Powerfully, swiftly. Well, well…

And this time, the same question to experienced traders. By FOREX news headlines You might have guessed that the events are taking place at the Friday American session. Correct. Initially, anyway, the GBPUSD chart will go up by 100 pips (news wok-off), followed by a pullback. Then the Forex chart starts a new rally.

It is now to be tracked whether the GBP will breach the latest rally high or not. If affirmative, it will rush up by approximately 160 pips (Elliott wave 1 was 100 pips, while EW 3 is 60% longer). But if the high is not breached? The GBP currency quote will in no way come to a standstill, moreover on Friday afternoon. Hence, – down, to the starting point! And, if breached, the similar situation takes shape but the counting is performed in a “down” direction (EW1, being the same 100 pips plus 187 pips from 1.8826 to 1.8759 being EW 3).

Professional Gambling – Where to Get Betting Tips

Betting on sports สมัครw88 can be frowned upon by many people. When one declares they are a professional gambler, eyebrows are raised and knowing smiles belie the fact that people think it’s a foolish pastime. Certainly, most people who gamble lose money – the novice gambler who throws down a loose bet on a hunch may win one or two bets, but in the end, they are hit with a hefty failure and give up.

Alternatively, they gamble away their life savings, digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole of debt. There is some truth in these stereotypes; gambling addiction is the reason behind many modern personal bankruptcies. However, there are also a significant minority of gamblers who make a living from their talent. They may not even see themselves as gamblers at all, but strategic risk-takers. At the end of the day, there is little difference between a city stockbroker, betting เว็บแทงบอล ไม่มีขั้นต่ำ his or his client’s money on whether the stock will rise or fall, and the professional gambler who makes small bets where the odds are in his favour.

The professional gambler scoffs at the novice, even when he makes a big bet that pays off. The risk was too high, and he will get his comeuppance soon enough. The professional gambler is in the business to reduce risk as much as possible and make a solid living from informed bets. In this endeavour, he must be using betting tips and the services of betting tipsters, who are also other bettors who know their craft to a fine art. In the trading world, it is known as ‘fundamentals’.

The more information that one has, the more informed a decision one can make. This boils down to what the market (in this case, other bettors) believe the outcome of a sports bet will be. One can get opinions from anywhere – newspapers, magazines, bookies, friends, associates, and increasingly – online.

There are sites where one can pay a membership to get access to the best tips and knowledge out there. Other statisticians, professional gamblers and bet traders will have done the sums for you, and you can drastically reduce your risk by making an informed decision. These betting tips sites are also full of the pertinent information on when to make a bet, and with which bookmaker. With the advent of the internet, sports betting has been completely transformed. Those who simply read the Racing Post or make gut decisions are being left at the starting post.

Football Betting Tips – How to Win Without Losing Your Shirt

The following football betting tips will help you get started with online sports betting. Weekend bettors enjoy watching the games, hanging out with their friends, and having a few beers. Sports fans gather around their big-screen television sets and cheer their favourite teams. But when you add the additional excitement of betting on sports สมัครv9bet events you raise the experience another level. Watching your chosen team win is great. Winning money, too, rocks!

Here are a few things to consider before you start your online betting career.

Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Even when gambling, money management is the first secret of success. Start small and see what works for you. Don’t wipe yourself out on your first few bets.

Take your time and figure out what works. As your skills improve, so will your wins. You can increase your bets once you know what you’re doing. But don’t make the mistake so many amateur bettors fall victim to. They win some money and then they get greedy. Instead of sticking with a slow and steady system they crank their bets way up and quickly lose everything they’ve gained.

Don’t bet when you’re under the influence of drugs or you’ve been drinking too much. When your judgment is impaired you’re not going to make good bets and you’re likely to bet more money than you should. This is also true regarding stress betting. If you’re having financial problems don’t bet your rent money in an attempt to make a huge win in one weekend. Depression can cloud your judgment as quickly as drugs so bet when you’re thinking clearly.

Stay away from bets you don’t understand. Parlays and exotic bets may seem very lucrative but their odds of winning are slim. Until you have some experience betting or are following a tried and true system, you should stick with standard bets.

Use your intellect to place bets, not your emotions. It’s fun to bet on your alma mater. And if that’s what you want to do to support your team that’s great. But it’s not the way to make consistent winning bets. You have to decide if you’re betting for fun or to make money.

Professional bettors understand that it’s not about the huge winning bet. It’s about consistent winning bets. When you’re winning 55% of the time your bankroll will continue to increase. Slow wins are better than quick losses.

Learn a system. If you’re a statistical and sporting genius you can build your system from square one. But if that’s not the case, you might want to get your hands on a system that has already been proven. Thanks to the internet, this is now possible. Often the cost of buying a system is less than you’d spend on a single sports bet.

Online sports betting can be a fun and lucrative past-time if done correctly. The above football betting tips can help you get started safely.

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