Lasik Eye Surgery, An Explanation

Lasik eye surgery has had an explosion of growth. Hundreds of thousands of people are turning to it for their eye surgery needs. But, what is it and, is it truly safe? This popular type of surgery is relatively new. But, it is quite successful. Here, we will tell you what Lasik is and what you need to do to choose the proper facility to have it done. Although it may seem like common sense, you must ensure that the Lasik eye surgery you are getting is of high quality and done by seasoned professionals. Nevertheless, here is some helpful information to consider.

* Lasik eye surgery or Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis as it is professionally called, is a procedure that is quite similar to refractive laser eye surgery. It is used to correct the vision of a person’s eye to allow them to see better without the use of glasses or other corrective devices. You can see why, from this small point, Lasik eye surgery is so alluring. While not all cases will completely “fix” the eye’s vision, they can substantially improve it in many cases. Certain diseases and eyesight problems will not be fixed, though.

* One big benefit to having Lasik eye surgery visita cataratta padova is the fact that it offers very minimal pain (most of the time no pain is felt!) and it requires much less recovery time. That is in comparison to photorefractive keratectomy, another method of eye surgery.

*The surgery was developed in 1990, not all that long ago! The doctor was Dr Lucio Buratto, an Italian. He was aided by Dr Ionnis Pallikaris, a Greek. They created the surgery based on two other eye surgery procedures. These are keratomileusis and photorefractive keratectomy. But, in these surgical experiences, there were more occurrences of complications and less than perfect results. Therefore, when Lasik surgery came along and offered a new way with fewer risks to improve eyesight, it simply took off. The first time that Lasik was used was in 1991. The two times it occurred that year, Dr Stephen Slade was the one to do so. And, he performed them in Europe and later in the United States.

The procedure will go somewhat like this:

First, you will have a prescreening in which the doctor will do a procedure to map the cornea. This procedure will give the doctor a clear look into your eyes and tell him just what needs to be done.

He may give you an antibiotic to take before surgery to help prevent infections.

When the Lasik eye surgery is to take place, you will be fully awake during it. But, you will not feel anything. You may be given a mild sedative or anaesthetic eye drops, but you will still be awake during it. Through a process of cuts with the laser, the cornea will be reshaped to correct your eyesight. Most of the work is guided by computers to aid in precision.

When the procedure is complete, you will be able to see better, as long as it has been successful. You may be asked to take it easy for a few days, to allow for the cornea to heal properly. It is wise to follow your doctor’s directions to the letter to avoid possible problems down the road.

As for choosing the right doctors for the job, consider your choices closely. Anyone interested in Lasik eye surgery will need to weigh their options wisely. Realizing that it is a major surgery in which there are complications at times is the first step. Make sure that the doctor performing the surgery is licensed and has a good track record as well. You need to be aware of what the procedure is, how it will be performed and how you will recover. Ask questions about all aspects until you fully understand what is going to happen. This is very important as it will help to make you feel more comfortable with your doctor and will reassure you of what is happening.

Make sure that your Lasik eye surgeon tells you what your outcome is likely to be. For example, if the doctor does not believe it will give you much-added sight, then perhaps it is not the correct eye surgery for you. And, you do not want to be misled if your eyes will not be 100% better either.

Having the facts about Lasik eye surgery will help you to better understand what it is and how it will affect you. It is through this procedure that many people, around the world, are gaining back some of their eye sights. Will it work for you? To know for sure, you need to talk to your current eye doctor and see if he or she can give you any recommendations. Lasik eye surgery is a huge benefit to those that it is right for. It can give you back something you never thought you would get back, your eyesight.

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